Endpoints: The First Line of Defence

Top 10 Security Analytics Solutions Companies in Europe - 2022

The sophistication, diversity, speed, and volume of cyber-attacks today can overwhelm enterprise security teams. The problems get further exacerbated for security teams that aren't using the latest processes and technologies to help them detect and thwart malefactors from doing damage to their IT infrastructure. Although we’re only in the third quarter of 2022, European firms have already lost millions of euros in damages caused by cyberattacks. Expanding 5G networks connected devices bring faster speeds and greater bandwidths and also reveal new vulnerabilities in system architectures.

In order to protect against modern cyber threats, organizations need to combine monitoring data from network devices with big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other cognitive tools. In addition to simple threats, these tools deliver optimum protection against advanced threats by gathering, categorizing, and analyzing data points, such as network traffic and techniques such as signature detection, anomaly detection, and pattern detection. Further, these cognitive tools deliver real-time threat analysis by collating data from various sources, including endpoint performance, behaviour data, business applications usage, and external threat intelligence sources. Besides, recent advancements such as adaptive learning systems are fine-tuning detection models based on experience and learnings from authentication behaviour and application code, providing smarter anomaly detection to alert stakeholders.

This edition of Enterprise Security Europe brings the spotlight to the key developments in the Security Analytics space and how companies are leveraging innovative solutions to boost their cybersecurity strategies. The edition features thought leadership articles from Edgar Oliveira, Laura Quaroni, among others who have imparted their opinions on the cybersecurity skills gap, data protection and other recent developments in the security analytics landscape that can help cybersecurity teams mitigate security risks to their IT infrastructure.

Along with that, the edition features many innovative security analytics solutions from companies, including vast limits that offers robust security analytics and user experience monitoring solution to help enterprises strengthen their security efforts.

We present to you “Top 10 Security Analytics Solutions Providers in Europe – 2022.”

    Top Security Analytics Solutions Companies in Europe

  • Exabeam a global cybersecurity leader adds intelligence to every IT and security stack to help enterprises overcome security challenges. Exabeam reimagines how security teams use analytics and automation to solve threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR), from common security threats to the most critical and difficult-to-identify threats.


  • vast limits brings to play uberAgent, a robust security analytics and user experience monitoring solution that helps strengthen the security efforts of an organisation. Extending beyond threat detection and response, vast limits provides the much-needed endpoint visibility to eliminate detection gaps and mitigate risks at an early stage. The company’s best-in-class product offers security, performance analytics and monitoring and accommodates specific security detections and visibility with a single lightweight agent. Essentially, uberAgent encompasses two major products (uberAgent UXM and uberAgent ESA) integrated into a single solution that can easily be installed at endpoints.


  • Cyberowl


    CyberOwl enables asset operators in the maritime and critical national infrastructure sectors to gain visibility of systems on their remote assets, actively manage cybersecurity threats, and gain assurance of cyber compliance.

  • Devo


    Devo offers a cloud-native logging and security analytics platform that enables businesses to leverage the full potential of their data and conduct security analytics faster and more efficiently.

  • Exeon


    Exeon offers advanced AI-driven NDR software that uses analytics to monitor all network operations, detect cyber threats, and respond faster and more efficiently to local and cloud native incidents.

  • Securonix


    Securonix offers advanced, scalable, and cloud-native security analytics platforms, Next Gen SIEM and XDR. The company leverages behavioural analytics technology that pioneered the UEBA category to reduce noise, prioritize high-fidelity alerts, and enable a fast and precise response to insider and cyber threats.

  • Sekoia.Io


    SEKOIA.IO is a SAAS company that provides modern technologies–proven in the field–to enable major corporations and cybersecurity service providers to neutralize cyber threats before they have consequences.

  • Solvit Networks

    Solvit Networks

    SolvIT Networks provides a full suite of security solutions to help companies optimize asset management, implement best practices for IT security, and comply with international security standards.

  • Sphynx Technology Solutions

    Sphynx Technology Solutions

    Sphynx Technology Solutions offers products and solutions, and consulting services, in the areas of cyber intelligence, analytics, incident response, assurance, and certification.

  • Sqnetworks


    SQNetworks provide cyber security solutions that enable businesses to ensure operational continuity, cost reduction, and efficient cyber security risk management.